DevOps is a development pattern. It's a culture. It's not a job you can have or a title you can hold. It's a way of doing development.

Jamie Winsor, Chef

The conference is great! I’ve learned several things that I can take back into my practice, and then the enthusiasm of many attendees here is spectacular.

Duncan Davidson, Wunderlist

What's New?


The sixth edition of our conference is coming back to Warsaw to bring together the best, qualified IT professionals and developers hungry for the practical knowledge and firsthand cases of developing and running complex IT systems and applications.

Atmosphere Conference is the place for web ops, devs and system engineers who seek deeper knowledge and the experience of their rock-and-rolling colleagues dealing with challenging problems.

Real use cases, lessons learned, deep-dive success and failure stories - you will get it all from our top-notch IT speakers and top-level attendees.


State-of-the-art topics in our schedule

We used to cover DevOps issues, but this time we will take a step forward and go beyond it. Site Reliability Engineering, automation, distributed systems and more - we will get ready for what’s coming, still giving each other a proper advice in the issues we are facing right now.

Learn how the best ones do it

Let’s keep it simple: learn from the best, and we mean it. We invite speakers from Poland and all over the world. We are calling for the ones who deal with serious, complex, distributed systems and apps. Whether they succeed or fail, they still have an important lesson for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions - during the lecture or later, over a pint.

Spend a laid-back time with experts

Bring your devs, engineers and architects along and just spend a relaxed time with our leading IT experts. They will share their knowledge from the scene, but having a cup of coffee with them might be even more helpful. We are ATMOSPHERE, and we take the welcoming and engaging atmosphere seriously.

Bring your professional career to the next level

You’ll get back to work with handful of ideas ready to implement. You’ll get to know practical tips on increasing your system performance. And you will be on a first-name basis with world-known experts. Sounds good? Yes, it does.


Let us know! Our Programme Committee is here to help you get the best out of your lecture/case study idea. As we said: we learn from the best, but we are also here to find, support and talk to the new, undiscovered talents.


  • Systems and site reliability engineers
  • Systems and application architects
  • Security engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Application developers
  • DevOps specialists
  • Operations, infrastructure and cloud specialists
  • CTOs and CIOs looking for ways to enhance the performance of their IT teams and tech solutions


  • Cutting-edge technologies presented in an understandable form
  • Keynote speakers will update your knowledge over the course of one day
  • Deeply technical workshops a day before Atmosphere will give you a glimpse of what you’ll learn during following lectures
  • Topics presented are followed by the in-depth, yet friendly discussions
  • You will spend a good and quality time during the evening party
  • We’ll make networking as profitable and easy as it can be

speakers - best of the best!

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